Fanni Kopacsi is a contemporary visual artist born in Hungary in 1991, currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She studied fine arts at the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest, Hungary. Her works are both an introspection and a reflection on human behaviour, sociocultural issues and the ecological crisis, raising questions from a critical position. Fanni’s practice, although based on painting, has expanded beyond the limits of the medium and includes a wide range of materials, such as textile, plastic and electronic waste. Her works have been exhibited in Hungary, the United Kingdom and Spain.


Who are we? What are our values? What are our inadequacies, darkest desires and hunger by which we rule our lives? And how does these take form in the material world, in our search for beauty, in our search for truth? My work is an introspection, an examination of myself, of the human. The need to try to understand behaviours, actions in society and the issues one creates within itself and in the world drives my creative expression. I blend different materials to explore the symbolic and literal meanings of an abstract concept, inspiring us to become curious and look beyond the surface.


Searching for the divine & Muses (Barcelona, 2021)

Red Venus. Group Exhibition (Hungary, 2021)

Wings of Waste (Sitges, 2021)

Perceptions of racism. Group exhibition (Nottingham, 2019)

Wings of Waste. Group exhibition (Hungary, 2019)